Would you please donate?

The developments around COVID-19 have upended every student and every teacher at every school. Thankfully,  BSF is uniquely positioned to support our District during this crisis. BSF raises money to fundamentally enhance and innovate in the district.  Currently we are:

  • Providing funding for mental health counselors to reach students suffering from the effects of isolation and the challenges of distance learning;
  • Funded on-line educational platforms so all students can continue their classroom work;
  • Providing support for District staff providing care for children of first responders, healthcare workers and frontline Covid-19 fighters;
  • Continuing to fund our exemplary programs to ensure our students maintain their academic excellence once they return to the classroom ;
Please donate today to support our students and families during this crisis. Any amount you give helps. In addition, long-time supporters have stepped up to offer a matching pool for donations of $1,000 and above. Your $1,000 contributions will be doubled thanks to their generosity. 
We are Still All in for Kids, donate HERE