Get Ready to Jump!

Ms. Judy Brison, our P.E. teacher, identified the need of movement for children, especially at a time like this when they are homebound, and is planning some fun ways to incorporate exercise. With funding from PTSA, every student has received a jump rope which was picked up along with the Read-a-thon t-shirt. Thank you, Ms. Brison!

Here is what Ms. Brison has to say about the jump ropes:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. PTSA and Mr. Steere for providing the funds to buy a jump rope for every student in the school. Jump Roping is good for your heart, your brain, and helps you build agility and quickness. It takes a lot of coordination, rhythm, and strategy just to jump. What a great way to have fun. I am grateful that we were able to coordinate the jump ropes with the Read-A-thon and thank you to everyone who helped with this. During PE we will be learning the skill of jump rope over the next couple of weeks. Can you please see that your student has a jump rope ready for P.E.? Ready, Set, Jump!