BSD Family Engagement Survey

The Bellevue School District is conducting a survey on family engagement in order to strengthen relationships between schools and families. Creating meaningful partnerships with parents helps students succeed both academically and socially. When families engage, student attitudes and behavior are more positive, attendance is better, there are more opportunities to honor diverse cultural backgrounds, and open communication allows us to learn from each other.

The survey opened on February 23, 2021 when families received an email with a unique survey link from our survey platform (Panorama Education). Families will receive an email and survey for each school where they have a child enrolled, which means they may receive multiple surveys. They will be asked to answer the survey based on the experience of their oldest child in the school. The survey is only 12 questions and is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Amharic, Japanese and simplified Chinese.

Survey results will once again be shared with all families in a BSD Family Engagement Report before next school year. Please see here for the 2019-2020 Family Engagement Report. School administrators will receive results for their individual schools in the Spring and work to continuously improve their family engagement practices.