Register for the Spring for Schools Event

After a year of facing challenges we could never have imagined — social isolation, homeschooling children, business shutdowns, toilet paper shortages — it’s time to celebrate the amazing accomplishments and resiliency of our students.

Join us at Spring for Schools on Friday, April 30, to hear how the Bellevue Schools Foundation’s Mental Health Initiative is helping our students cope with loneliness, disruptions in sleep, eating and exercise schedules, depression, and anxiety about economic concerns.

You will hear from Grace, a junior, who will share her deeply personal struggle with mental health issues and how she fought her way back to mental and emotional well-being with help from her counselor. Alex, a 3rd grader, will tell you how he overcame his fears using a technique called “turtle breathing.”

A sense of humor is always appreciated during this difficult time and we thank Alex’s parents for allowing us to show you his “blooper” video that didn’t quite go according to plan.

He’ll have you both laughing and crying and wanting more.

Mark your calendar for Friday, April 30. The pre-show begins at 11:45am. The 30-minute program starts at 12:00pm. Register for Spring for Schools today at


Susan Ishii-Yin
Spring for Schools Chair