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March 28, 2023
Cherry Crest Elementarry 2.3.25

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Reserve your Variety Show tickets Now! Reserve your free tickets here. Questions? Email:

Families of 1st Graders: Sign up for April Staff Appreciation

Come help shelves books during your free time! We need help shelving books and checking in and out books in the Library. It's a great way to meet your kids' classmates and learn from our librarians. Sign up here. To get trained, reach out to | Library

Last slots available for Festival of Cultures! Sign up to represent a country or culture (it can be any country or culture you would are interested in and would like to showcase!)

Upcoming Events

Mar 28 6:30-8:30 pm Creating Healthy Eaters Guest Presentation and General Membership PTSA Meeting in Cherry Crest Cafe. Also available on Teams.
March 31 6 to 8 pm Variety Show & Online Auction event at Cherry Crest Elementary
April 10-14 Spring break
April 19 Festival of Cultures @ 6pm

PTSA Education and General Meeting tonight

Creating Healthy Eaters & General PTSA Membership Meeting TONIGHT!

Creating Healthy Eaters & General PTSA Membership Meeting TONIGHT!
Come join us on Tues, March 28th for a live discussion in the school cafeteria at 6:30pm with special guests, Jessie Wong and Kristy Fassio, Registered Dietician Nutritionists. They'll share their thoughts on how to help "picky" eaters eat better, while building positive relationships with food & our bodies. As March is National Nutrition Month, it's the perfect time to learn more about how to help your family eat healthy and prevent eating disorders.

After the special guest Q&A, we'll have the PTSA General Membership meeting starting at 7:30pm. This combined event will also be available via Teams if you can't make it in person.


Need Volunteers for Festival of Cultures

Need Volunteers for Festival of Cultures
Country Representatives Needed at the Festival of Cultures Join us at the Cherry Crest Culture Festival on Wednesday, April 19th from 6-8pm to celebrate the diversity of our community! Share your cultural heritage through food, crafts, and performances, and learn about others’ traditions, languages, history, geography, and games. To participate, please Sign up by Apr 5th, 2023. Our committee will follow up with you on event details and preparation instructions. Thank you for helping us showcase the rich diversity of the Cherry Crest community!

Questions? Please contact Miriam Haile at

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Yearbook - Cover winner! Call for Photos! Order your Yearbook now!

Yearbook - Cover winner! Call for Photos! Order your Yearbook now!
Congratulations Syrina Chen - Yearbook cover contest winner!!

It was a great showing for this year's Yearbook cover contest with over 20 submissions!! Out of this extremely challenging field, Syrina's creativity rose to the top, and we are pleased to name her the winner of this year's contest. She filled the page with color, thought, and vision.  Thank you to those that submitted drawings; the imagination starting from just a theme "spread kindness like confetti" blew our socks off.  Everyone submitted something unique which allows for a bunch of diversified entries (look for them around school).  Looking forward to seeing what the kids come up with next year!

We need your 2022 - 2023 photos for the Yearbook!

Volunteered on a field trip? Ventured into your child's classroom? Attended school events?  We KNOW you took pictures. The yearbook will not be complete without the amazing candid photos that we know parents love to take at various events and volunteering opportunities.  Please submit your photos to our community website at LifeTouch to remove friction from your submission!


Don't miss out having your own copy of Syrina's amazing cover!  Yearbooks are available for purchase through May 4, 2023.  enter code:  1577523

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Staff Appreciation for April - 1st Grade

Staff Appreciation for April - 1st Grade
Each month one grade level of Cherry Crest families show appreciation for our outstanding educators by providing food, beverages and paper products for all teachers and staff.  Most items can be sent in with your student to be dropped off in the Main Office.  
Families of 1st Graders: Sign Up to participate.  Thank you for helping us continue this tradition of gratitude.  Questions? E-mail  

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Shout out to 4th Grade Curriculum Enhancement Team

Shout out to 4th Grade Curriculum Enhancement Team
Cherry Crest PTSA will like to take a moment in recognizing the efforts of the Grade-4 (G4) CE team (Grace Chu, Karen Ng, and Teoh Hooi Fong) for timely arranging the G4 CE activities for the year. The team coordinated with vendors and teachers to organize G4's entire year field trips. Thank you team for your exemplary effort!

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School news

Thank you for supporting our Spring Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you for supporting our Spring Scholastic Book Fair
Way to go Chargers!

You help raise $2,600  in books for the library and $1,700 in cash for future purchases.  The Scholastic Bookfair is valued part of making our library the best if can be for our students right here at Cherry Crest. Thanks to all of our volunteers and to the parents who supported the sale.

We look forward to doing it again next year.

Volunteers: Jeff Nemeth, Karin Hargrove, Neda Chaudhary, Zayna Chaudhary, Kelli Heikkila, Emma Rong, Yingying Bao, Alison Luhrs, Elena Razmpoosh, Shalini Prakash, Erika Dowd, Svitlana Lebedieva, Emily Crahan, Marcia Murray, Arija Young, Ashwini Kumar, Lucy Goddard, Qiuru E, Faranak Sorooshiam, Wendy Ko, Jennifer Provine, and Navaz Nekoo. Please let me know if I missed your name or if you are interested in helping next year.

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Community News

In the Community Bulletins section of the PTSA website and newsletter, we pass along information submitted to the PTSA newsletter editor which may be of interest to Cherry Crest Families. No sponsorship or endorsement is made or implied by the PTSA or the Bellevue School District.

Registration open for PSLA Day Camp At Cherry Crest this summer

Registration open for PSLA Day Camp At Cherry Crest this summer
This year, we have a maximum of 15 campers per week, with 2-3 counselors.
When: 9am-1pm, Mon.-Fri.
July 10-July 14: Lost in Space
July 17-July 21: Lights, Camera, Action!
July 24-July 28: Wild Imagination
July 31-August 04: Around the World in 80 Days
Where: Cherry Crest Undercovered Area
Cost: $125/week

For any questions, please contact Aarna at
To register or find more information, please visit:

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