Cherry Crest Elementarry 2.3.25

A message from the Cherry Crest PTSA Presidents . . . .

As spring brings in warmer weather, a little sun, and the chance to get outside it feels as if things can only get better. PTSA volunteers have been working, mostly behind the scenes this year, to support and keep our community connected and we thank them all and each of you for everything it took to get us all this far. Specifically, through our commitment to providing an additional three general school assistants (GSAs) helping our children either at school or in the virtual classroom all year long. You made this happen through your generous donations to the PTSA.

This is how Principal Steere comments on the PTSA’s commitment of additional GSAs for our school community:

At our core, humans desire to be in relationship — to be known, to feel loved. In my years as a public educator, I’ve experienced that most people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. This is why the teachers and support staff at Cherry Crest practice the principle of relational learning – relationships first, then academics. With this core belief in place, the impact and influence of our teachers' General School Assistants (GSAs) on students is maximized. In six years at Cherry Crest, I have been so grateful for the incredible generosity and commitment of the PTSA towards supporting additional GSA staffing in our building. Thank you once again for considering a donation to the Cherry Crest PTSA supporting the work of relational learning and enhancing the school experience for every child.

As the sun shines light on this long dark year, we continue our commitment to our community in the coming school year and want to make sure we are just as ready with extra staff and support for our school. Please take a moment to read the letter you received yesterday or today in the mail and donate to the PTSA in this year’s spring fundraiser which funds the GSAs for the 2021-22 school year as so many parents, like yourselves, have done in the past to support all our children.

Stay safe and Happy Spring!

Britt Heath and Reetika Saxena

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