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Congratulations To Our 2021 Golden Acorn Award Winners!

Each year, the PTSA presents Golden Acorn Awards to volunteers who have given outstanding service to the Cherry Crest Comm(UNITY). This year, we are excited to recognize and honor:
Dave Fandel

During his ten years as a Cherry Crest parent Dave has regularly chaperoned classroom field trips, and volunteered for school-wide activities. His early participation in the regular PTSA financial reviews led him to PTSA leadership roles, including both Treasurer and Secretary. His support of the PTSA has been invaluable. Having a consistent volunteer in the financial team has been an amazing asset.

Beyond the PTSA, he’s also been a girl scouts troop leader and is the treasurer for his younger daughter’s girl scouts troop.

Dave, thank you for constantly stepping in to fill whatever help is needed! Parents like you are the foundation of our strong community.
Britt Heath

Just two years ago, when Britt took on running the bookfair as a first foray into volunteering at Cherry Crest, she was asked to take on a larger challenge: the role of PTSA co-president. She hesitantly said yes and, with scant previous experience, quickly got a speed course in how the PTSA worked.

Then 9 months into her term the world changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This school year she has courageously led the PTSA and kept us on track, a momentous task to take on with children at home as well.

Britt, your perseverance through the many challenges of the past two school years has been inspiring. We thank you for all you have done for the PTSA and Cherry Crest. Your commitment to our community will leave a lasting impact.
Lubdha Khandelwal

Over the past six years there hasn’t been a time when Lubdha has said "no" to volunteering for the PTSA. From library to classroom parent, introducing kids to Tableau (which the kids love!) Spelling Bee, Vice President in PTSA where she was involved and overseeing various committees, and for the past three years being super successful in raising record funds for the Readathon.

Lubdha, thank you for your unwavering help and support!
Alison Payne

For over three years, Alison has been a huge help with the PTSA. Having two students at Cherry Crest has kept her busy with classroom volunteering, library help, leading the Art Reflections & Passport Club, Curriculum Enhancement, 5th grade activity planning; all while being a VP on our PTSA Executive Board.

Alison, thank you for all your time, dedication and support, making our school a better place for all of our students!
About the Golden Acorn Award

The Golden Acorn Award is a Washington State PTSA award presented to volunteers in recognition of their dedication and service to children and youth. In honor of their service to our community, a contribution in the name of the recipients is made to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program. From these contributions, WSPTA is able to provide grants to freshman students entering post-secondary education.
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