Cherry Crest Elementarry 2.3.25

A message from the Cherry Crest PTSA Fundraising Chairs . . .

Could you donate $25? We're asking because we'd love to see our school reach 80% participation in our Spring Fundraiser and receive a school wide magic show! So before you pack your bags (figuratively or literally) for Spring Break, please donate now to help us continue to pay for General School Assistants, clubs, community events, field trips, curriculum enhancement, and many other programs that directly benefit our students!
TODAY, April 9th, is the LAST DAY to donate in order to be eligible for the following prizes:
  • $350-$499: Custom Charger Chatter Shout Out
  • $500+: Custom Scrolling Reader Board Shout Out
  • Two classrooms could win a special virtual curriculum enhancement prize with Mad Science!
  • AND if 80% of Cherry Crest Families participate, the entire school will win a virtual magic show performed by America’s Got Talent Jay Mattioli!
Thank you so much to the 40 families who have donated to date. Note that if you donated through a company portal (e.g., Microsoft) we will not have a record of the donation until the end of the month so please email us with details to be eligible for classroom prizes.

Thank you everyone for your commitment to our Cherry Crest students and comm(unity),

Amy and Summer,
Your PTSA 2021 Fundraising Chairs

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