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February1, 2022
Cherry Crest Elementarry 2.3.25

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Upcoming Events

2/3 Thu Math Challenge #8 due
2/4 Fri Math Challenge #9 available
2/4 Fri Passport Club checkpoint
2/4 Fri Parent & Caregiver Education: Positive Discipline @8:30am Zoom link

2/11 Fri Principal chat @8:30am Join the meeting

2/17 Thu Math Challenge #9 due
2/18 Fri Math Challenge #10 available
2/21 Mon through Friday, Feburary 25 No School: Mid-Winter Break week


February Staff Appreciation: 3rd Grade Families

staff appreciation
Each month one grade level of Cherry Crest families show appreciation for our outstanding educators by providing food, beverages and paper products for all teachers and staff.  Most items can be sent in with your student to be dropped off in the Main Office.  

Parents of 3rd Graders: Sign up at to participate. Thank you for helping us continue this tradition of gratitude. 

Questions? E-mail

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Parent and Caregiver Education: Positive Discipline

Parent and Caregiver Education: Positive Discipline
Sahara Pirie from Sound Discipline will facilitate a workshop on “Parenting with Courage and Connection” on Friday, February 4 from 8:30-10:00am (Zoom link: All parents and caregivers are invited to attend.

Parents are often challenged by power struggles and whining, arguments over chores, sibling fights, bedtime problems, clashes over homework and screen time, and other issues. This workshop provides an introduction to skills and tools that get to the core of conflict and bring more peace and joy to your home.

Learn how to:

• Use basic brain science (adult and child) to improve behavior at home
• Build connections to share your values and culture
• Discipline with kindness and firmness.

Parents will leave this workshop with several new simple, respectful parenting tools to use right away!

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Volunteers Needed for Spring Walk-a-thon!

Volunteers Needed for Spring Walk-a-thon!
Walk-a-thon is back! Help us plan and execute this super fun community event. We’ve got small jobs, remote jobs, in-person jobs, you name it. Let us know how much time or energy you are willing to commit, and we can match your interest.

E-mail to learn more.

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School and District News

Visit the School website to find school news and read the principal's monthly newsletter

Children's disposable masks needed!

Students are using a large quantity of disposable masks supplied by the school. Please remember to send your child to school with a mask every day and include a spare in your child’s backpack. Please also consider donating a box of disposable children’s masks to your classroom and/or the front office. Thank you for supporting the health of our community!

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Other Chatter Links

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