Auction Spotlight: Host a Party!

Do you enjoy meeting your neighbors, making new friends, bringing people together in a festive atmosphere, and fostering strong relationships with members of your community? Then hosting a party could be just the thing for you! Parties hosted by Cherry Crest families are some of the most popular auction items put up for bid each year. These one-of-a-kind experiences take many forms, such as those highlighting the food and customs of a specific culture (e.g., A Night in Africa), adult parties with a whimsical theme (e.g., Toga Party) and even kid-friendly events (e.g., tea party, sports events). We welcome it all!

Are you intrigued but a bit hesitant? There’s no need to go it alone! Consider grabbing a friend and co-hosting an event! Whether you are ready to raise your hand or just have more questions, please reach out to us!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs