Interested in free tutoring for your child?

Hi, we are Miki Kusunose, Forrest Williams, and Aiden Silvestri. We are current high schoolers at Newport HS, Skyline HS, and Phillips Exeter Academy, respectively. 

In light of the recent school closures, we are disheartened to see so many students taken away from their classrooms. As high schoolers, we want to help.

We have a group of high school students across the country hoping to volunteer their time to tutor elementary school students in their communities through online group sessions!

We can tutor any subject, including math, English, history, and science. On a weekly basis, we will work in groups to provide an intellectual space to have conversations and study, as we aim to hone the students’ critical thinking skills and knowledge. 

We will accommodate every student’s needs, whether it be providing extra educational support or assigning additional learning opportunities to stay engaged. 

Our curriculum will be largely based on the Common Core Standards Initiative but will vary based upon the state you reside in. We will also work with parents to find out what will be best for their child and for their educational needs to provide a valuable experience. 

If you are interested or want additional information, please sign up on For any other questions of inquiries, please email us at or give us a call at (425)-577-9982. 

Best regards, 
Miki Kusunose, Forrest Williams & Aiden Silvestri

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