Staff Appreciation


Staff appreciation events have concluded for the 2020-2021 school year. Check back when the 2021-2022 school year begins!

We extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all families who participated in staff appreciation this year. Together you contributed to care packages, brought in flowers and cards, and posted meaningful messages on teachers’ Padlets to make our teachers and staff feel our appreciation for the hard work they have done for our students this year.

Teachers and Staff say "Thank You"!

There has been an outpouring of thanks from the teachers in response to your generosity and kindness shown through the National Staff Appreciation week (May 3-7), and the entire year. Read the message from Dusty below and don’t miss the individual thanks from staff for the padlet messages and make-your-own snack bags.

Message from Dusty Steere, Principal:

On behalf of all Cherry Crest staff, thank you for taking time last week to honor and celebrate the teachers and staff at our school. Whether it was a heartfelt thank you card, a personalized work of art from a student, or a flower, we were overwhelmed with the outpouring of gratitude and support! Students did a marvelous job expressing gratitude and encouragement to staff via the Padlet as well—so impressive!

On top of the what students provided last week, Cherry Crest’s amazing PTSA spoiled our staff with hot drinks, boxed lunches and goodie bags for both in-person and virtual staff!  A special thank you to PTSA Staff Appreciation Chair Kathy Hotchkies for organizing all these efforts.

As a small token of our gratitude, click here to view a KudoBoard with our personalized thanks and gratitude in addition to a virtual staff photo that we took during a recent staff meeting.


Check back during the 2021-2022 school year for ways that you can volunteer.


In support of National Teacher Appreciation Week we are arranging special treats for our teachers and staff in May. 


Thank you in advance for helping us carry on this tradition of gratitude!


Feel free to email us at:

In response to the padlets on Wednesday and gift cards delivered to virtual staff on Monday

Awww thank you so much! That totally just made my day.

-Marissa Krauskopf, School Counselor

This is wonderful!

– Crystal Coldiron, Math

Thank you for all you do for us and the students. I really appreciate the gift card to Amazon. I will find something fun to buy.

-Judy Brison, PE teacher

Thank you, PTSA, Parents/Care Givers, and all sweet/smart students.

Kelley Hoang (Ms. Kelley), General School Assistant

Thank you! Those messages are so sweet. I appreciate being included in all of these celebrations, so thank YOU!

-Kelli Katzer (Ms. Kelli), student teacher in Ms. Gibbs’s classroom

Very Sweet 😊 Thank you very much 😊

-Emily Rose, Orchestra Teacher

I loved the Padlet today. It was such a sweet and thoughtful idea. Thank you for everything you have done to make all of us teachers feel appreciated and celebrated. You are the best! ​

-Melissa Hayfield, 1st Grade Teacher​

Thank you SO MUCH for this! I love my students and how their minds think and create and feel…It’s why I love what I do so much! Their words, thoughts, and photos were wonderful and heartwarming. Wait….there’s something in my eye….I think it’s an eyelash or something…….I’m NOT crying. Nope. Definitely not…….😭💜💙❤💚🎵😁

-Stephen Panther, Music Teacher

Thanks, this is amazing! I sure appreciate all you and the PTSA has done to make this week so special for teachers. 😊

-Pam Lawlor, Kindergarten Teacher

Oh my gosh! That was beautiful to wake up to. 😊 Thank you, I feel so appreciated. I love all the messages and pictures.

-Patti Carpenter, Art Teacher

Oh my goodness what a sweet surprise! These beautiful pictures and kind words mean the world to me!

-Nancy Cody, `Teacher

Oh my goodness what a sweet surprise! These beautiful pictures and kind words mean the world to me!

-Alicia Rowe (Ms. Feuling), ELL

Awww, I am so touched by these!! Thank you so much! ❤

-Gayle Staker (Miss Gayle), Paraeducator II/GSA

THANK YOU!!! This made my day!

-Janna Lux, Library Teacher

These were amazing to see and read today. So sweet & meant so much.

-Sunni Chariton, 4th Grade Teacher

Wow, just wow! So cute and wonderful. Just makes my job so worth it to get little messages of love and support from the students and families. It has certainly been a tough year, but this makes it end on a high note!!

-Amy Borberg, School Nurse

Thanks for the messages, cards, coffee cake, samiches, and goodies! You all made me feel appreciated! THANK YOU…

-Bon Regala, 5th Grade Teacher (posted on G5 blog)

Dear Cherry Crest Family ~ Thank you for spoiling me this week with flowers, cards, Twix, coffee, kind messages, lunch and snacks! I read all the cards and Padlet notes. They were thoughtfully written and mean a lot to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making me feel so special.

-Mercy Tamayo, 5th Grade Teacher (posted on G5 blog)

In response to the “make your own snack bags” on Friday

Thank you and PTSA for taking good care of us.

-Kelley Hoang (Ms. Kelley), General School Assistant

Thank you so much for everything!! What a delightful week, I DO feel appreciated by the students & families! ❤

-Gayle Staker (Miss Gayle), Paraeducator II/GSA

Thank you for all the work you have done again this year with Staff Appreciation! It is so thoughtful and generous, and certainly made me feel appreciated! Thank you ❤

-Robyn Wells, 2nd Grade Teacher

Thank you so much – this has been a week full of nice surprises. 😊

-Kate Therriault, 3rd Grade Teacher

This is legit. Thanks so much!!

-Maryann Tatterson, 3rd Grade Teacher

This week has been very nice. Thank you for running the show and bringing it all together.

-Tracy Repass, 3rd Grade Teacher

That was an impressive collection of snacks! Thank you for making this week great! 😊

-Melinda Pederson, 4th Grade Teacher

Wow! I felt like I was grocery shopping for my kids and car snacks! Perfect idea. Thank you so much for this week. We all feel very appreciated and loved.

-Erin Stedman, Assistant Principal

Thank you SO MUCH! That was so fantastic! Everything PTSA has done for us this week has been very much appreciated. 😊

-Patricia Gilbert, 4th Grade Teacher

Just wanted to thank you and everyone else who made this week awesome! Feeling appreciated! I especially loved reading the notes from students and families!!

-Bon Regala, 5th Grade Teacher

Thank you SO MUCH for all you’ve done to make staff feel special and appreciated throughout the year!

-Christina Hanson, 2nd Grade Teacher

I wanted to say thanks so much for all that you guys have provided us teachers. I feel incredibly valued and cared for. Thanks again so much!

-Sarah Levinson (Ms. L), General School Assistant

What is Staff Appreciation?

This year Cherry Crest families showed their appreciation for our outstanding teachers and staff by contributing to care packages for the Teachers, Specialists and General School Assistants (GSAs) who work closely with their child.  Each month PTSA delivered care packages to one Grade level. 

Questions?  E-mail