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Our weekly email newsletter is produced by the PTSA throughout the school year. Arriving in email inboxes most Tuesday mornings, the Chatter provides school news, upcoming events, PTSA activities as well as school district and community information of interest to Cherry Crest parents.
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Chatter Submission

Submissions related to PTSA activities and relevant to Cherry Crest families in Bellevue should be made by Wednesday evening. Note that we will trim content as necessary to fit our newsletter. Keep your submission concise and simple:
  • send all information in plain text
  • include a link to your website for more information/forms/registration instructions, if applicable
  • flyers/attachments may be submitted electronically (only in PDF format), but will be included at the discretion of the editorial team (note: we prefer to link to a flyer on your website).
  • you are welcome to send an image or icon to include in any standard image format (gif, jpeg or png)
Please include any of the following information if applicable: date, location, time, ages of students (e.g. for classes or camps), grades of students (for school information) and include contact information we can publish in the article. For school club competition results you must include information about how students and families may participate in the activity (either during the current or future years).
Note: the Charger Chatter does not typically run information relevant to a single grade. Please reach out to the grade level teachers to distribute information of limited interest.
Send all submissions to