Cherry Crest: End of Year Green Genius News

This year did not go as we all planned, but City of Bellevue and Bellevue School District want to thank you for all your efforts in the fall and winter with meeting Green Genius goals and our highest participation yet in the Zero Waste Cafeteria Challenge.  Every year we continue to reduce waste, thanks to your hard work.

A few end of year items:

  • This year’s accomplishments resulted in the Green Genius program winning the 2020 Washington State Recycling Association’s Recycler of the Year award!  You are each part of this.  Congratulations!
  • We wanted to let your teams know that there are some virtual classes the City will be offering through King County Library System.  If you are interested, there is more information at the end of this email.  Sam will be the instructor. 
  • Please let us know if we can be of assistance as you finalize this year, or if you need any resources for the summer or fall.  We are happy to help.

Again, thank you for all you do.  Wishing you all the best this summer!

City of Bellevue and King County Library System present:

Greener Living Virtual Class Series

City of Bellevue and King County Library System are pleased to partner to offer a Greener Living virtual class series on Zoom.  Classes are presented by City of Bellevue and hosted by King County Library System.  Participants are welcome to attend one or all of the classes.  All classes are designed to participate independent of the others.  Please visit to register, as registration is required by 5:00 PM the day before the class.  All ages are welcome; however, these classes are geared towards adults and children over seven.  All classes are free. Space is limited.  First come, first served.  

 We will be teaching the following workshops:

Non-Toxic Cleaning: Wednesday, June 17 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM Want to find out ways to safely clean at home? Want to make your own non-toxic cleaners? Join us as we will make green cleaners using common household items.   This workshop will also cover how to make smart choices when purchasing cleaning products and how to disinfect when needed. We will discuss safe use, storage, and disposal of purchased cleaning products to protect our families and environmental health.   All participants will receive an email bundle with a pdf of recipes for making non-toxic cleaners at home, as well as proper disposal guidelines.  Register here:


Reduce Wasted Food: Wednesday, June 24 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM Are you eating all the food you buy or wasting some? Watch hands- on examples of how to make the most of food at home including how to store foods for maximum freshness, what labels on food containers mean, how to turn leftovers into lunch, and more. Participants will also learn how to properly sort different types of takeout containers. All participants will receive an email bundle with resources such as recipes for using unusual parts of food (i.e. carrot tops); a storage guide for ways to store fruits and vegetables to make them last longer, and sorting information.  Register here:


Become a Super Sorter- Proper Disposal and Handling of Unwanted Items: Wednesday, July 1  1:00 PM – 1:45 PM  Are you unsure where items go when you are done with them?  Recycle? Compost? Garbage? Special handling?  This class will cover City of Bellevue specific sorting for pick up at home, as well as items that are prohibited from garbage and how to handle them.   Find out where your items go after they leave your home.  We will share the best ways to get rid of items you no longer want including tips for reuse, donation, and disposal. Participants will learn how to safely dispose of bulky items, hazardous materials, electronics, and medicines.   All participants will receive an email bundle with localized resources about proper sorting and where items belong.  All are welcome to this class; however, it will specifically cover Bellevue rules.  If you do not live in Bellevue, your City will have its own set of requirements. Register here:


 To learn more visit

Summer Reading Recommendations

Since we are not at school and Ms. Lux is not sending paper copies out with students. Instead she is passing on the following Summer Reading Program options:

  1.  Summer reading recommendations by grade level: here  
  2. Usborne Summer reading ‘PICK ME-UPS’ orders: PICK-ME-UPS are a way to lift spirits! They’ve been curated with the whole family in mind, as a way to promote togetherness through stories & activities for all ages. Each ‘bundle’ is $35 (which includes shipping directly to the recipient) and comes with 3 of their top-selling books/activities!
    BEST OF ALL these PICK-ME-UPS can be used as a fundraiser for Cherry Crest. With a minimum of 15 ‘bundles’ sold, we will receive $10 per ‘bundle’ ordered in proceeds for our school library. Funds will be made available within 48 hours of the close of orders.
    Cherry Crest’s Link to Order is already up and ready to go: here
    Additionally, if families wish to shop the entire Usborne catalog to ‘Stock Up for Summer’ they can do so at: here

The tentative plan is on having orders collected through next Friday, June 12 and delivery, directly to those who order, the week of June 22.