Your PTSA dues go to support your local chapter (Cherry Crest!), the State PTA, and National PTA.  Being a member of the PTA means you have a voice in your child’s future.  PTA at the state and national level is a voice for children and has been instrumental in in the development of kindergarten, the school bus safety, vaccinations, changes in the Juvenile Justice system, hot lunches, and development of the National Standards for Parent Involvement. To vote on how the Cherry Crest PTSA spends its money you have to have paid your annual dues.

Join the PTA and you join a group of nearly 500 million people committed to improving the lived and education of our children.

We are excited to announce that PTSA memberships will now be managed by memberplanet. New families as well as those who have had PTSA memberships in past years will 1) create a login on the memberplanet site and then 2) sign up for the annual membership.

  • Join the PTSA or Renew a Membership: Start by creating an account with memberplanet. Once you have a login, fill in information about your family members and choose your level of membership. Membership dues are paid annually and you will reminded automatically to renew your membership each July.
Whether you pay dues or not, please show your support for the school and your students by getting involved at Cherry Crest. There are many parent-supported events throughout the year and ongoing volunteer opportunities!

During the 2020 legislative session, WSPTA will send action alerts to members who have signed up using our Voter Voice system. These action alerts are quick, easy ways to communicate with our legislators on topics they are actively working on. Sign up today.

Washington PTA Member Benefits

Washington State Parent Teacher Association 

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WSPTA is the oldest and the largest nonprofit grassroots children’s advocacy association in Washington state. Together we can strengthen our voice to improve the quality of our children’s health, welfare, safety, and education.

If you are a member of Cherry Crest PTSA, you also get these member benefits!  If you want to become a member JOIN TODAY!

Membership FAQ:

1. Do I have to be a US Citizen to be a member? No. Membership at Cherry Crest PTSA is for anyone who cares about a Cherry Crest student.

2. How much does it cost? $12 a person

3. Is this a fundraiser for Cherry Crest? No. We pay for your membership with WSPTA, and part of your membership covers Cherry Crest teachers and staff.

4. When should I become a member? Now. You need to renew annually, so if you’re asking, you’re probably not a member. It’s not automatic. Please join today.

5. What do you use my membership for? Numbers. The stronger our PTA/PTSA membership is, the more attention we get when we try to advocate for stronger and safer schools in Olympia, WA.