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Catalog:Search for books in our libraryFrom school and home
Databases:Access PebbleGo, Tumblebooks, etc. Passwords are given out on bookmarks in the school library
3rd-5th Graders:Log into their library account to place holds and manage their accountsSee librarian for instructions

Library Hours
All day, with pass from teacher. Till 30 minutes after School. Not before school

Students may come to the library anytime during the day WITH a pass from their teacher. If there is a volunteer/librarian available they may check out. If not they can leave the materials they would like on the counter with a post it (available on the counter) listing their name and classroom teacher.  Librarian/volunteer will check out and put in their teacher’s box when time permits during the day.

The Library IS open after school for 30 minutes for book return and check out almost every day (infrequent meetings do occur throughout the year but will be posted outside the library).  Bus riders need to get permission from their teacher to leave class a few minutes early at the end of the day. If students wish to stay longer than 10 minutes they need to be with an adult for supervision and a safe way to get home after. 


The number of books a child can check out at any given time depends on the grade he or she is in.

5th Grade         Fall:   4      Spring:   5
4th Grade         Fall:   4      Spring:   4
3rd Grade         Fall:   3      Spring:   3
2nd Grade        Fall:   3      Spring:   3
1st Grade:        Fall:   2      Spring:   3
Kindergarten   Fall:   1      Spring:   2

*Before each break (winter, midwinter, spring breaks) students may take an extra book

If students have a research project for school they may take additional resource books to keep in the classroom.


If a family is certain they have lost or damaged (beyond repair) books they have a few options:

  1. Pay the fee for the lost/damaged material online (login to your parent access on and go to your student’s fees/fines at Cherry Crest.

  2. Replace with the same title (please check to see if it is paperback or hardcover before purchasing). May be new or gently used.

  3. If it is a hardship please contact the Cherry Crest librarian and we will work something out.


Amazon Wish List:  If you wish to donate a book to the library please see our Amazon wish list online:

A bookplate honoring your family or student will be placed in the front of the book and your student will have the opportunity to check out first.  This is a great idea for birthdays!

Donate your gently used books:  Please contact the librarian via email to coordinate a time to drop them off.


Fall Book Fair:           Usborne
Spring Book Fair:      Scholastic
Author Visit:               TBD


To contact Ms. Janna Lux send an email to ​​

To volunteer email:

SignUp schedule: here

This award is given annually in Washington state to a picture book from 20 nominees. All students 1st through 3rd at C. Crest will read and interact with the stories in library throughout the year and vote for their favorite one in the Spring.

This is a new award and stands for Our Time to Enjoy Reading. At C. Crest all 3rd graders are challenged to read the 6 books and write a short report on each one (available in the library). We have a celebration in the Spring with awards and certificates and all students who complete this challenge get their name in the Charger CHATTER

A book award given annually in the Pacific Northwest (WA, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, B.C. and Alberta). Eight books are nominated each year and students vote for their favorite in the Spring. At C. Crest Mrs. Lux challenges students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade to read all 8 and take an online quiz upon completion. Passing students are invited to a celebration in the library and receive their name in the Charger Chatter.

The Sasquatch Award is given annually in Washington state to the winning chapter book for intermediate readers (grades 4-6). Twelve books are nominated by a committee of teachers and librarians, and the students in our state vote for their favorite in the Spring. Mrs. Lux challenges all 4th and 5th graders to read the 12 nominees by March 31st each year. Students who do this AND complete their Sasquatch form (signed by a parent/guardian and teacher) are invited to a celebration in the library, earn a certificate and their name in the Charger CHATTER and get first access to the following years nominees.