Auction Day 4: Teacher Books Make for Lasting Memories!

Good evening friends! Just One. More. Day. After. Today! The final theme of our online auction is fitting as we inch closer to the finish line: keepsakes to keep Cherry Crest memories alive! A wonderful way for your child to remember their 2019-2020 year is to purchase a Teacher Book. These books are hand-selected by your child’s teacher and when you buy one, you will also get a personalized inscription dedicated to your child. Unlike the majority of items in the auction catalog where only the highest bidder wins, memories have no limit – there is a teacher book for everyoneBrowse the teacher books for your child’s grade below and for just $25 you can surprise your child with a fond token from this all-too-short school year. And if your child is a voracious reader, make sure to check out the books offered by the Principal, Assistant Principal and School Librarian in the School VIP category!

Please also consider raising your virtual paddle in our newly-added Fund A Need category to make a cash donation directly to Teacher Support and Curriculum Enhancement projects!

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