All in a day’s work for GSA Sarah L.!

Each week we highlight one of the General School Assistants (GSAs) who have been working hard both in front of cameras and behind the scenes to support our teachers and students during distance learning. Here are some words from GSA Sarah L. on how she connects with the kids: 

“Hi, I am Sarah L. a GSA at Cherry Crest. Popping into the class meeting a few minutes prior to the official start time gives me time to connect with students the same way I would connect with them as we would be lining up outside before the 8:00 bell if we were at school.  We talk about what we had (or are having!) for breakfast, we say good morning in our home language, we share morning stories such as, “I didn’t sleep well last night because I was worried about something……..”  During these few minutes I can set a positive tone for the day and make some nice personal connections before the structured learning time begins! The other morning we all laughed together when they shared something that was hilarious over the weekend. I am building community every day! Sarah L.”