Cherry Crest Field and Playground Closed During School Hours

Dear Cherry Crest Students and Families,

Over the last month, Cherry Crest has welcomed second grade, 1st grade and now kindergarten students back to school for in person learning and we are in the planning stages to bring back 3rd – 5th grade students as well.  Students on campus enjoy learning in their classroom as well as having the opportunity to play outside in physically distanced and cohorted areas of our playground and field.  As a result of these students playing outside, it is necessary that we reinstitute the district wide rule that school fields and playgrounds are closed to the public during the school day (7:30 am – 3:00 pm).  I recognize that many neighborhood students and community members have enjoyed increased access to our playfield during the pandemic and appreciate everyone adhering to the closed campus hours as part of our safety and health protocols.

In partnership,

Dusty Steere