COVID Relief Opportunities for India

Recognizing that families in our Cherry Crest Comm(Unity) may be looking for ways to help the relief cause in India, a fellow 3rd grade parent is offering a way for you to help. Please read her message to the community below:

COVID is spreading like wildfire in India. Cases have soared 46% over two weeks, according to the New York Times, while deaths are up 120%. India needs help, now. I urge the Cherry Crest Community to come together in this critical time and help me raise funds to send oxygen to India. I’m working directly with a volunteer team of doctors in India who are helping me identify rural areas that are not visible on the government distribution list. Why? Because I was born and raised in a rural county and I know those rural counties need our help! To learn more, please visit our Go Fund Me page: Saloni Gupta, Parent of a 3rd Grader in Ms. Therriault's class​