Family Running Club Update

As the  family running club wraps up, we want to congratulate our student milestone achievers!  Special thanks to our parent volunteers who made this club possible: Saloni Gupta, Kathy Hotchkies and Yingsi Li.  Also, thank you to Assistant Principal Erin Stedman who has been presenting students with Certificates of Achievement in class and to parent Nhimy Chung who started running club last school year before Covid halted it. Way to go Chargers!
Ultra Marathon 50 miles
Aarav (3-Lee)
Avin (3-Therriault)
Leo (1-Hayfield)
Max (1-Hayfield)
Shaurya (3-Morel)
Wesley (3-Tatterson)
Marathon 26.2 miles
Chaitanya (3-Therriault)
Graham (2-Gibbs)
Leyu (2-Gibbs)
Yuching (1-Applegate)