BSD Covid Testing Guidelines and Nurse News

Bellevue School District Families:

As shared in previous communications to families, COVID-19 screening and diagnostic testing is coming to Bellevue School District schools. Schools will be implementing both types of testing, with testing being available in all schools by November 5, 2021. This process has been developed in collaboration with the district’s multi-disciplinary Health and Safety team.

You will receive communication from your school with the date, location and time that diagnostic and pooled surveillance testing will begin at your school.

Testing Consent

Testing may only occur with permission and consent. You may provide us with information on your desire to opt-in or opt-out of the COVID-19 testing by completing this COVID Testing Consent form. Because the Washington Department of Health requires the district to obtain written parental consent for minor students, and assent/consent for students themselves if they are 18 or over and their own legal guardian, any student that does not have consent will not be tested. 

Test Recipients and Purpose

All COVID-19 tests administered in Bellevue School District are available through grants for the purpose of keeping schools open. Please note:

  • Both types of tests can only be provided to Bellevue School District staff and students.
  • Diagnostic tests can only be provided to symptomatic individuals and those that have been close contacts of an infected person.
  • Tests cannot be provided for pre or post travel requirements. 

Learn More About Testing

Please visit our COVID-19 Testing in Bellevue School District webpage for detailed information on the testing process, including frequently asked questions.

Additional Links and Resources

We look forward to this opportunity and encourage our families and staff to participate as we continue to work together to keep our school communities safe and healthy.

Bellevue School District Health and Safety Team

Nurse News: 10-25-21