Library News and Call for Library Volunteers

News from the Cherry Crest Library:

Congratulations to the six grade-level winners of “The Great Pumpkin Book/Character” contest promoted during library class and available, yet optional, for any K-5 C. Crest student to enter:

    • K- Claire L. (Lawlor)
    • 1-Ahana G. (Hayfield)
    • 2- Yuching L. (Gibbs)
    • 3-Theresa B. (Therriault)
    • 4- Sophia I. (Chariton)
    • 5- Annie H. (Atia)

Paper pumpkins were due 10/27 and judged on creatively depicting a book or book character by Mrs. Lux (librarian) and Mrs. Stedman (A.P.).  All entries deserve congratulations, it was definitely hard for the judges to choose! They are on display outside the library through at least 11/17.

Calling Volunteers!!

Are you looking to volunteer at Cherry Crest in-person? At home? Mrs. Lux (school librarian) has both opportunities available!

In-person volunteers:

IF you have volunteered in our library before,  (e.g- during the 2019-2020 school year), please click here to sign up now:

IF you have NOT volunteered in the Cherry Crest library, please click here to sign up for a training session.

    • A 30 minute training session is required to volunteer in the library to learn the policies, check-in/check-out computer system, etc.

At home volunteers:  please email Mrs. Lux to set up a project to be sent home with your student or picked up at school: