Cherry Crest Wins First Prize in “Math is Cool” Competition

We came in first! Yay!

Cherry Crest 4th and 5th grade teams both placed first in their “Math is Cool” competitions. Hearty congratulations to all 52 kids and parents! Students competed with 13 different teams and really earned recognition for their achievement!

Thanks to our coaches who made so much effort to teach and prepare students.

This year with help of PTSA (Sarit Egozi) and Principal (Dusty) we started the Math club in October. Even with a late start, through the help of parent volunteers and motivated students we participated in AMC8, MOEMs, MIC competitions.

BSD teams participate in math club every Thursday online from 4:15pm -5:15pm.

3rd and 4th Grade 36 students win 1st place for Cherry crest in Math is Cool.

In the individual test Aditya Sharma is First in Cherry Crest. Hearty congratulations!

20 5th Grade students win 1st Place for Cherry crest in Math is Cool.

In Individual test Vivaan Mukhurjee is First in Cherry Crest with a score of 100%. Not a single mistake. Hearty congratulations