Thank You Walkathon Team!

Thank you Walk-a-thon Team!

Walk-a-thon is one of the most memorable experiences for students and we’d like to extend a special thank you to our team members who made Walk-a-thon possible this year  – Kathy Hotchkies, Erika Dowd, Erin Miller, Faranak Sorooshian, Jessica Wang, Farangis Sepehri, Shalini Thuppal, Sonali Bhargava and long-time data management mastermind Goms Sundaresan.  A special shout out to Karin Hargrove for brainstorming support!

We also extend a HUGE Thank You to the PTSA Communications Team – Neha Bhuta, Navaz Nekoo, Amy Karlson, Vasu Jain, Yao and Heather Sherman, for working tirelessly in getting information in a timely fashion to all families.

And Thank You to Dusty Steere, Erin Stedman, Connie Kramer, Kathy Bessler, Bon Regala and all teachers for helping us bring this special event back to our comm(unity). Thank you all!