ArtSci Fine Arts + Academic Camps

ArtSci is excited to share with you the amazing workshops lined up for the children in this year’s summer camp.  Each week of camp will be full of learning and creativity that culminates into production of a project or a performance.

Storybook Creation, Musical Theater, Digital Music Production, Short Film, and Photography are just a few of the workshops we have planned. 

We are enrolling students through May 30th for this year’s summer camp that takes place from June 27th through August 19th (8 weeks).  Families can choose anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks of camp that do not have to be consecutive weeks, and reservations of 6,7, or 8 weeks receive 10% off of tuition.

Please read the PDF of Summer Camp Information merged with the parent handbook containing information on Camps and other programs at ArtSci, and if you would like to register follow the three step process below:

Step 1: Virtual Tour (in person tours can be requested by email)

Step 2: Register (deadline May 30th)

Step 3: Tuition Payment (deadline May 30th)