Library Volunteers Needed

Our wonderful Librarian, Mrs. Lux, is looking for volunteers in the Cherry Crest Library.  Volunteers help check out books to kids, check in returned books, reshelve books, help kids find books, and my person favorite, get to listen to Mrs. Lux read books while they check in or shelve books.  If you are interested in learning more about your kids class, I encourage you to volunteer while they are in library.  When you check out books you get to see each kid and learn their name.  It is a great way to get more out of the stories you hear from school.  Volunteer slots are short and are really rewarding.

Cherry Crest Library Volunteer Training (must attend BEFORE you sign up to volunteer in the school library) will be on Thursday Sept. 15th at 2 pm in the library.  You must already be an approved volunteer to volunteer at Cherry Crest Elementary by completing your background check.  If you are unsure of your volunteer approved status, please reach out to our school secretary Kathy Bessler.

Returning Library volunteers do not need to attend this training. 😊

Once you are trained, you can sign up to volunteer here: