Registering Girl Scouts from K through 5th grade

Our Cherry Crest Girl Scout Troop is excited to welcome new members from all Cherry Crest Grades.  Girl Scouts gain valuable skills while learning confidence and important values and social skills. 

See instruction below for how to join!

Date/Time – Once per month

     K/1st: First Tuesday : 5:00 to 6:15 pm.

     2nd/3rd: First Tuesday: 4-5:30

     4th/5th: 3rd Thursday: 4-5:30.

      Meetings are moved to different weeks if it overlaps with holidays.

      Kids are able to come to and from meetings from Boys and Girls Club.

Location – Cherry Crest Flex Space outside Library

Cost $25

Parent roles –

     Registering Daisies must have an adult register as well unless you have contacted us with a need for an exception. You would be asked to attend a few meetings a year.

     Remaining ages: We encourage parents to sign up so you can help at camping trips or whenever your daughter would like you, but it is not required.  No parents will be allowed to help at meetings or camping trips without being registered Girl Scouts for safety reasons. 

Questions:  Email 

To Join:

1) Visit and click “Join Now.”

2) Select “FIND TROOPS.” 

3) Fill out information, zip code, change radios to 90 miles, and troop number (make sure to type the word troop then space then the number).  Type “TROOP 41665”

4) Complete the rest of the contact information.

5) Complete payment for the membership or select the financial assistance option. If you select the financial assistance option, please visit to fill out a Digital Financial Assistance Application  to determine eligibility and to learn more about additional grants. Please remember that this is a new Girl Scout year if you fill out an eligibility application before 10/01/2022 you will need a new one. 

6) You’re all done. Welcome to Girl Scouts!