Seeking Scholastic Book Fair Co-Chair

The Scholastic Spring Book Fair is coming right up! Cherry Crest will host this fair in the library the week of March 3rd-9th.  All proceeds will go towards NEW books for our library.  Back this Year:  Pencil Grams to support our BSD sister-school, Sherwood Forest. *Students can purchase a fun pencil ($1/cash only) to send to a friend or themselves.  Proceeds from those sales will be used to purchase new Scholastic books for the Sherwood Forest library. Book Fair schedule listed below:

3/3:  set up 2:30-5

3/6: open for lunchtime sales and afterschool 2:30-3:30

3/7: open for lunchtime sales and afterschool 2:30-4:30

3/8: open for lunchtime sales and afterschool 12:15-1:00 + in connection with Family Engineering Night 4-6 pm

3/9: LAST DAY open for lunchtime sales and afterschool 2:30-4:00

3/10: pack up 7:30-10 am

Please set up an eWallet for your child (balances have been transferred from last year!) by going to the Cherry Crest Scholastic e-wallet page or send cash in a carefully labeled envelope, Ziploc, purse or wallet with your student.

Interested in helping?

Questions:  email bookfair chair Britt H. at:

Or Mrs. Lux at: Hope to see you here! You can send your child with cash or use the ewallet.