Running Club


WHERE:Cherry Crest Track

Thanks to a Go! Grant from AMPED awarded to Cherry Crest Elementary in 2020, Running Club will be available to all students during lunch recess this spring!  This is an optional activity and students are not required to participate daily nor for the entire lunch recess.  It’s ok to play instead!  Registration is required to earn charms.   

Registration is closed.  Not registered?  Students can do laps but will not earn charms.

QR Badges on Lanyard: Teachers distributed badges in class to registered students.  Badges should stay at school.  Students are responsible for bringing badges to lunch recess to earn charms.  Students should scan badges AFTER completing each lap. 

Milestone Achievements: Registered students will earn a running charm for completing 5K, 10K and Half Marathon milestones.  Certificates will be presented in class by Principal Steere or Assistant Principal Stedman to registered students who complete a Marathon and Ultra Marathon!  Charms are awarded every Monday by classroom teachers.  A necklace will be given with the first charm.  Additional charms earned can be added to the same necklace.

Special Note for Walk-a-thon:  On Friday May 5, exchange your badge at the Walk-a-thon Check Out table for a goody bag.  On Monday May 8, teachers will re-distribute badges to registered Running Club members along with weekly charms earned. Walk-a-thon laps count towards Running Club milestones for registered Running Club members only.  Laps completed by all students on Friday May 5 count towards Walk-a-thon prizes.  

1 lap = 0.2 mile

5 laps = 1 mile


5K = 3.1 miles = ~16 laps

10K = 6.2 miles = 31 laps

Half Marathon = 13.1 miles = ~66 laps

Marathon = 26.2 miles = 131 laps

Ultra Marathon = 50 miles = 250 laps

Are you able to help? We are looking for a few volunteers to check data weekly and distribute charms to teacher mailboxes.  Please contact to learn more.