Staff Appreciation for December: Fourth Grade Families

Thank you teachers and staff!

Parents of Fourth Graders: December is your month! Join your fellow families to show your appreciation! This month PTSA will deliver care packages to Ms. Chariton, Ms. Gilbert, Ms. Pederson, Ms. Stevens, Ms. Sung, Ms. Durga (GSA) and Mr. Panther (Music).

We are collecting items until Sunday, December 13th. Please see drop-off instructions on the signup sheet.

Meet GSA Sarah L.!

Each week we highlight one of the General School Assistants (GSAs) who have been working hard both in front of cameras and behind the scenes to support our teachers and students during distance learning. Here are some words from GSA Sarah L. . . .

Get Ready to Jump!

Ms. Judy Brison, our P.E. teacher, identified the need of movement for children, especially at a time like this when they are homebound, and is planning some fun ways to incorporate exercise. With funding from PTSA, every student has received a jump rope which was picked up along with the Read-a-thon t-shirt. Thank you, Ms. Brison!

Here is what Ms. Brison has to say about the jump ropes. . . .

Meet GSA Ms.Johnson

"Ms. Johnson provides invaluable support to our class. During our whole group instruction, she often helps students catch up after having a technology issue. She provides individual students the help they need, while allowing the class keep our pace. She helps me monitor student engagement and understanding during the meeting; and several times she’s had to rescue me when I’ve been kicked off calls. In the afternoons, she meets with students for extra practice and support with our assignments. I don’t know what I would do without her!"


GSA Testimonial

This week we hear from 3rd Grade teacher Ms. Therriault about the value of GSAs in her classroom this year:

On Wednesdays especially, our GSA is able to meet with students individually in order to finish up assignments, help with technology issues, and give general support. This week, she even scribed for a student on a Nearpod assignment that was mal-functioning for the student, leaving her completely stressed out and discouraged. Having the GSA spend time with her 1:1 was invaluable for this student’s self-confidence!

Ms. Therriault

Math Challenge 2020 – 2021!

The bi-weekly Math challenge is open to all students grades K-5! 

The Math challenge 6, posted at Math In Action is due on Jan 6th and solutions will be available on Jan 8th. Math challenge 7 will be available on Jan 8thSee the Math in Action challenge calendar for future dates.

Participation certificates will be awarded to those who complete at least 10 challenges. We ask parents and students to self-grade these challenges and track completion. Once the last challenge is published in May, we will provide instructions to report participation.

For any questions reach out to:

Meet GSA Mr.T

Mr.T is one of Cherry Crest’s GSAs and provides daily classroom support. He is known to make all the students feel involved and connected in the classrooms, especially now when everything’s virtual.

This is what one of the parents has to say about him:

"Mr. T has been a lovely friend to our family. He always made our son and his friends feel a part of the school as new kindergarteners last year, and this year during group recess time by setting up a live MS Teams interactive drawing times including creating a super-cool race-car and space fight comic strip with Colias!"

Sandra Durst

Staff Appreciation – November

This year Cherry Crest families can show their appreciation for our outstanding teachers and staff by contributing to care packages for the Teachers, Specialists and General School Assistants (GSAs) who work closely with their child.  Each month PTSA will deliver care packages to one Grade level.  View the full schedule on the PTSA website to see when and how your family can help carry on this wonderful tradition of gratitude. 

Parents of Kindergarteners: November is your month!  

Thank you in advance for your contributions. Together we strengthen our community!  Questions? Email: 

Reflections Art Entries Are Due Monday, November 16th

Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity.

Students of all grades and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the 2020-21 theme “I matter because..”

Entries are due on Monday, November 16th!