Auction Spotlight: Question of the Week

Why does the PTSA raise money and where does it go?

Did you know that the Cherry Crest PTSA pays for nearly every event you can think of that gives our school its unique personality and far-reaching reputation for its unwavering commitment to students and teachers? The majority of the budget goes to paying for teachers’ assistants to improve (lower) student/teacher ratios in all classrooms and to pay for assistants in the cafeteria and playground to support positive social interactions among the students. Just over 20% of the budget pays for school-wide curriculum enhancement, which includes off-site field trips (e.g., theater, nature spaces, museums, etc.) as well as on-site visits from children’s educators across a variety of specialties (e.g., toy maker, author visits, animal encounters, etc.). Check the PTSA website for more information about enrichment events planned for your child this year! Another 10% of funds pay for school-wide community-building events, such as movie nights, ice-cream socials, festival of cultures, and spelling bee, to name just a few. The remaining 8% provides grants for staff and supports  appreciation events and PTSA operating costs (such as our website, send out our newsletter and responsibly manage our finances). All these programs are organized and run by a team of over 50 committed Cherry Crest parents that offer their time and energy on a 100% volunteer (unpaid) basis.

Put this year’s auction on your calendar and help keep it all going!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs