A Catalog Tip and Message from our Principal

Have you “favorited” any auction items yet? To favorite, select the heart ♥ associated with any catalog item of interest. Then to quickly see only those items, select the “My Favorites ♥” button from the search and filter menu. If you haven’t yet explored the catalog, tomorrow is a particularly important day as the Community Events category opens for bidding at noon. These are some of the most hotly-contested items each year because they are a ton of fun and in limited supply!  Now, more than ever, we are all craving social and community connection and these events will be a treat to look forward to when we are able to gather once again. So take a peek at those items now, line up any friends that you would like to join you, “♥” the ones you want, and prepare to grab your spot tomorrow at noon sharp!

But before you go, please enjoy the video welcome message from our fearless leader, Principal Dusty Steere.

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“Hello Families, my name is Dusty Steere, and I’m privileged to serve as the principal of Cherry Crest Elementary school. This year marks the 50th anniversary of our great school and with spring comes the time-honored tradition of our annual auction supporting staff and programs that allow each and every child to learn and thrive as creators of their future world. Unfortunately, given the circumstances of COVID19 we’re not able to be together for this year’s auction. In fact, schools across the state have been closed for over a month now. But even as the school house doors are closed, the incredible work of educating our children continues, with more energy and dedication than ever. I’m proud of the outstanding efforts that Cherry Crest teachers and staff are making to provide relevant and accessible learning experiences for students. And I’m particularly grateful for the sacrifice and service that you families are making to partner with us educators during these challenging times. Over the next few days, our auction chairs will present families with opportunities to bid on various items all supporting the enhancement of curriculum and educational experiences for our kids. Now more than ever, our collaborative partnership with Cherry Crest PTSA is needed to help our school and educators innovate at levels never seen before. And I want to thank you in advance for your generous participation in this online auction as part of the great cherry crest community. Thank you!”

Online Auction Kicks Off Today

This is the day we’ve been waiting for!

The auction is OPEN for business! If you haven’t yet registered, don’t waste another second! Sign up (it’s free and you’ll still be entered into a drawing for a $50 Mercurys Coffee gift card!), browse the amazing items on offer in the online catalog, and start your bidding! Well, actually, before doing that, we encourage you to take a moment to meet our energetic auctioneer, Matt Lorch – local news anchor and longtime friend of Cherry Crest – in his welcome message below.

You will hear from Matt each day this week, as he directs your attention towards a particular category of item up for auction. Another reason to look forward to each day’s Auction Newsletter is that we will also be sharing personal messages with you from beloved members of the Cherry Crest community. Make sure to grab your kids when you watch these videos as they are sure to enjoy seeing and hearing from these familiar and dearly-missed faces and voices that make Cherry Crest such a special place to go to school. 

We look forward to keeping you up to date throughout the week!

Your 2020 Auction Chairs,
Ksenia, Greg, and Amy

“Hi there, I’m Matt Lorch, news anchor and reporter at Q13 News in Seattle and I am so incredibly honored to be your auctioneer for the Cherry Crest online auction. I know, we all wanted to be dressed up like this gathering in a big ballroom in downtown Bellevue. Unfortunately because of the outbreak and the stay home order we are not allowed to gather right now so we are moving this auction online. I think as we all have paused and taken a moment we also realize at this time when we are trying to teach our kids at home along with the help of our teachers how amazing and dedicated our teachers are here at Cherry Crest. This is a remarkable school and I know how amazing it is because I attended Cherry Crest -kindergarten through 6th grade. That’s me around 1980. Okay, any chance you recognize that kid next to me? That is Greg Richards, who was one of my closest friends. Now he’s a Cherry Crest parent. We still talk about it to this day. Our best memories growing up were made at Cherry Crest. And it gave us a foundation for success. What made it so special was the support of the community and the parents. Here’s your chance to be those parents. Click on the link provided, take part in our online auction, raise your paddle from home and sign up for some remarkable community experiences that will bring us together when we are able to get back together. Also throughout this week you’re going to hear from beloved members or the Cherry Crest community and I’m going to join you every day with updates about the online auction. It will close Saturday night, but don’t wait. Now’s the time to get in on the fun and support our kids and their remarkable educational experience here at Cherry Crest. So I’ll be seeing you in the days to come. In the meantime, thank you for supporting the Cherry Crest PTSA.”