STEM Academy

STEM Academy is an inline education center, offering multi week classes in STEM subjects for elementary and middle school students, taught by passionate high school/university students. Our classes are 100% free and online, and we have supported over 500 students nationally, while partnering with several elementary schools to spread our mission.

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Family Running Club – Celebrate our Milestone Achievers!

Congratulations to our milestone achievers!  Want to join?  Register online and then come walk, jog or run with fellow Cherry Crest families as often as your family’s schedule allows.  We meet weekdays 5-6pm at the Cherry Crest track until June 18th.

Wesley (3-Tatterson)

Half Marathon
Graham (2-Gibbs)

Avin (3-Therriault)
Cameron (2-Wells)
Eiden (2-Wells)
Leyu (2-Gibbs)
Max (1-Hayfield)
Skylar (K-Lawlor)
Yuching (1-Applegate)

Alex (4/5-Regala)
Drew (4-Pederson)
Evie (2-Wells)
Jack (4/5-Regala)
Logan (2-Elms)
Shaurya (3-Morel)