Help out by becoming a Crossing Guard

You can help kids and yourself get safely to and from school by volunteering to be a crossing guard at the three way stop just outside of school entrance. Your help will also free up GSAs to be on campus directing students from the many entrance exit points.

The people that would be most helpful for this job would not be afraid of putting up their hands to stop traffic and asking kids to wait and go when it is safe to do so.

Communications Team Seeks WordPress Volunteer

We’re looking for someone with knowledge of PHP, and past experience navigating the world of Wordpress plugins and themes.

This volunteer will work with the communications team to simplify maintaining the PTSA website with embedded calendar, weekly newsletter and social media updates. Volunteer would take the lead on selecting most suitable plugins and configuring them, skills to contribute back back to open source plugins when they are close to meeting our needs would be especially helpful. Volunteer time ~4-6 hours a month.

Please contact for more details!