Volunteer request – Co-webmaster for PTSA WordPress website

Flex your technical muscle or learn a new skill! The PTSA communications team is seeking a volunteer to help with PTSA website maintenance starting in the Fall of 2021. Duties will be shared with a current member of the communications team and include creating news posts and updated web pages as necessary across the site.

Volunteer request – 5th grade promotion event

We are looking for volunteers to help with the 5th grade promotion event on Wednesday the 16th of June. The event is an all day event divided into 30 minute time periods for each class. We are looking for help with set up, we have a number of roles to fill and then tidying up at the end of the day.

Please sign up where you are able to help!

Volunteer request – 5th grade promotion event

We need one parent to take photos of students with their teachers. The camera will be provided.

We also need three parents per 5th grade classroom to help with other parts of the day.

To learn more or volunteer, please email 5thgradeevents@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Seeking PTSA Co-President

Are you or anyone you know interested in being a part of the PTSA? We are looking for a co-president to help guide the PTSA into the future. Lots of new changes are on the horizon due to the pandemic. A chance to refresh how the PTSA does things. It’s a great opportunity. And a fun group of people to work with!

Please contact nominatingcommittee@cherrycrest-ptsa.org.

Volunteer Request: Help with Filing PTSA Tax Return

The PTSA seeks a volunteer tax professional who can prepare a basic tax return with electronic filing for the PTSA school year 2020-21.

The tax return is is due in November.

Please contact president@cherrycrest-ptsa.org to volunteer or request additional information.

Communications Team Seeks WordPress Volunteer

We’re looking for someone with knowledge of PHP, and past experience navigating the world of Wordpress plugins and themes.

This volunteer will work with the communications team to simplify maintaining the PTSA website with embedded calendar, weekly newsletter and social media updates. Volunteer would take the lead on selecting most suitable plugins and configuring them, skills to contribute back back to open source plugins when they are close to meeting our needs would be especially helpful. Volunteer time ~4-6 hours a month.

Please contact editor@cherrycrest-ptsa.org for more details!