Auction Spotlight: Invitations Going Home, and more

Invitations Going Home, Dessert Donations, Sponsorship

The show must go on! That is, of course, until there is BSD guidance that it can or should not… But at this early juncture, we are sticking to schedule and have a few important announcements:

  • The big news this week is that invitations are going home! Please check your child’s backpack this week and look for a *gold* envelope!
  • Second, this year we are mixing things up by introducing a deliciously suspenseful Dessert Dash game where tables will compete for the right to select the best looking dessert on display! To help us fill out our lineup, we are seeking donations of desserts or gift cards: check out our signup which lists the bakeries that we would love to have participate in our event, or email
  • Finally, we are still actively seeking and accepting sponsorship for the event. Contact:
  • Have other questions? Visit our auction website or past news articles!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Cherry Crest at Regional Spelling Bee

Congratulations to 3rd grader Tejas Atreya Prakash, who represented Cherry Crest in the King County Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday, February 29.  Tejas was in the top ten spellers at the Regional Bee, correctly spelling “timber,” “expugnable,” and “radix.”  This competition allows students up to eighth grade, so Tejas’ performance is especially impressive, and we are very proud of him!

Auction Spotlight Question of the Week

Do both my spouse and I need to attend the event?

No! While many parents consider the auction to be a fun opportunity to get out of the house together, the auction is a community event first and foremost – you should absolutely feel free to come with a fellow parent, friend, or family member, especially if that simplifies childcare. In fact, we hope that everyone will encourage their friends to join them! When you purchase your ticket, there will be a place to specify friends that you’d like to sit with during dinner – name a friend or a group of friends, and we’ll do our best to sit you together!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ksenia Tsahhirov, Greg Smith and Amy Karlson
Your Cherry Crest World of Color 50th Anniversary Auction Chairs

Cherry Crest – Writing Challenge 2020 – New Deadline

Over the next 4 weeks, Cherry Crest Elementary students are invited to participate in the 2020 Writing Challenge. The theme for this year’s writing challenge is “School“, which will allow you to share your story to connect us to the past, present and future of our school.

All stories will be displayed at the Cherry Crest Art Walk and unearthing of the 30-year Time Capsule.

In addition, all stories will be published in a collective book that will be available for purchase at the Spring Auction.

Deadline for submission is Friday, April 3, 2020.

Download 2020 Writing Challenge Prompts: here

How to submit:

  • Submit your writing challenge online here: here
  • Hand in paper-copy of writings to your teacher.

Questions? email

Time Capsule Ceremony – Friday, 3 April

It was 25 May 1989.  A time when kids made mixed tapes and Back to the future 2, and When Harry Met Sally were the big movies of the year.  On that day, writings, drawings and artifacts from Cherry Crest students were put into a sealed time capsule and buried underground, waiting to be uncovered at the 50th anniversary of Cherry Crest Elementary.  

The year is now 2020.  It is time to celebrate Cherry Crest’s 50th anniversary and to open the time capsule!

On Friday, April 3 at 3:00 PM we will begin the time capsule ceremony.  It will be followed by a reception in the school cafeteria.

Please save the date and be part of the exciting celebration of past, present and future.

We are also looking for pictures you might have of Cherry Crest kids and teachers and the old building as well.  In addition to that, we are also looking to display Cherry Crest artifacts such as old sweatshirts with the logo or anything Cherry Crest related that you might still have. Upload your images here.

Order Your Yearbook

Order Yearbooks Now Through Wednesday, March 25. The Cherry Crest Yearbook captures photo memories of school year events and includes pages for each classroom (with photos and names of classmates.) 

Order now for $18.00 and guarantee your copy. A few yearbooks (at a higher price) will be available for students who don’t order by the Wednesday, March 25 deadline, but supplies will be limited. 

Order Online – Lifetouch 

Yearbook ID code: 1577520 

Communications Team Seeking Writers

Are you an aspiring author?  Delight in writing stories, website content, and news articles?  Enjoy blogging and posting on Facebook?  Dream of compiling a school directory?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the PTSA Communications Team is perfect for you!  

We’re looking for writers of all sorts to join the team for the 2020/2021 school year (or sooner).  Whether website, newsletter or social media is your thing – we’ll find a role that’s right for you!  Contact us at to learn more.

Fifth Grade Fundraiser: Rice Krispies Treat Sale

Fifth Grade students will sell Rice Krispies Treats for 50¢ each at lunch recess on Wednesday. This is one of several fundraisers our fifth graders run to support their chosen charity: Seattle Humane Society. SHS saves the lives of thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals in our area each year. 
NWant to support the cause, but don’t want a treat? A donation jar is also available! It’s a fun way for all students to join fifth graders in giving back to their community. 

Looking ahead the dates when Rice Krispies sales will be held are:

Wednesday, December 11
Wednesday, January 8
Wednesday, February 12
Wednesday, March 11 Cancelled. New date: Wednesday, April 8

School Food Share Program

At the beginning of this school year, Cherry Crest launched the School Food Share Program with the help of parent volunteers, students, and school staff. This program is intended to recover edible food from school cafeterias to distribute to local food banks.

To make this a successful program, please help us with the following:

  • Remind and encourage students their food is for them and to only donate what they do not want or cannot eat
  • What can be donated? Any whole or packaged food from school meals (apples, bananas, unopened milk, yogurts, applesauce, string cheese, muffins, etc.)
  • What cannot be donated? Anything opened or with a bite out of it! Any food brought from home that was homemade or was hot at one time.

Questions? Please contact Elena Razmpoosh:

Math Challenge

Math Challenge is a Math enrichment program where kids K-5 can participate. 

The program is completely free and no sign-up is necessary. This is a fantastic opportunity for families to be involved and enjoy math through fun and engaging math problems. We encourage parents and siblings to get involved in discussing and solving them

How to Participate

All students K to grade 5 are invited to participate in the Math Challenge program.

  1. Print the current challenge from this page.
  2. Write your name, grade and teacher neatly on top of each challenge.
  3. Solve as many as you like but remember to solve the minimum amount for each grade
  4. Submit your solution to the front office by the due date

We will keep track of your submissions. Students who complete 10 sets of challenges will qualify for an award at the end of the year. More details on how to participate in the Challenge can be found here.

For more questions, email: