Auction Day 4: Keepsake Day!

Welcome to Day 4 of the online auction! 

Today’s theme is all about bidding on items that will memorialize your child’s elementary school years and keep them remembering the special teachers and friends they made at Cherry Crest. Our tireless auctioneer Matt Lorch will give you an overview of these items, and Cherry Crest parent and Classroom Art co-chair Loni Hayhurst will tell you about the classroom art and why these art pieces are such a heartwarming tradition at the Cherry Crest Auction. Be sure to check out your grade level pages for those projects as many have photos of the students in the act of creating their masterpieces!

And while you are there, please consider raising your virtual paddle in our newly-added Fund A Need category to make a cash donation directly to Teacher Support and Curriculum Enhancement projects.

“Hi there. I’m you auctioneer Matt Lorch with your daily Cherry Crest auction update. And as we move our auction online one of the time honored Cherry Crest traditions is the classroom art projects. Several classes have created true works of art ready to be displayed in any home. Your kids are so creative, artistic and talented and they’re going to be so surprised and overjoyed when you end up being the highest bidder and their classroom art project ends up in your home. Also this is a great time to take a look at your child’s teacher book. This is incredibly personal, the book will include an inscription from your teacher – a memorable keepsake your child will hold dear beyond their elementary school years. Remember this, the auction isn’t just about bidding on amazing items, it’s also about supporting the Cherry Crest PTSA and in turn your child’s education, so while you’re on the auction website, raise your virtual paddle, make a donation – know this, it is 100% tax deductible, and you are supporting your student and other students in our community. Remember, you see the sign behind me, tomorrow was when the auction was supposed to take place, and we’re going to wrap things up tomorrow with some really exciting news so until then thank you and give me a virtual elbow bump and we will see you, online, at the Cherry Crest Auction.”

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Auction Day 3: A Message from Our Assistant Principal!

Good evening Cherry Crest Families! As we wrap up Day 3 and our theme of V.I.P. experiences, we bring you a message from one of our very own V.I.P.s: Mrs. Erin Stedman! She is excited to say hello and tell you about the Assistant Principal For a Day item up for bid (with help from a couple of very cute production assistants!). Don’t miss it!

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Auction Day 3: Very Important Person (V.I.P.) Day!

Welcome to Day 3 of the online auction! 

We had a strong first day out of the gate Tuesday, but as of today only about 20% of parents have registered at the auction site. Make sure to tell your friends and families that there is no cost to register, and when they do, they will have the opportunity to win a $50 gift card at local favorite Mercury’s Coffee!

Today’s theme is all about making you and your child feel like a V.I.P. (Very Important Person)! From special recognition at school (such as a personalized street sign, bike spot, school brick, or scrolling reader board message), to rare access to “behind the scenes” jobs, these items are without a doubt the most hotly-contested offerings each year! Our favorite host Matt Lorch will tell you more about these unique experiences, and then be sure click on the buttons below to jump directly to those items in the catalog. See you there!

“Hi I’m Matt Lorch with Q13 news and your auctioneer for the Cherry Crest online auction. We keep meeting like this because I love Cherry Crest Elementary and I know you do too. So, today’s update is all about some remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experiences available on the online auction and it’s really all about making your child feel like a V.I.P. (very important person). Maybe they “rule the school” as “Principal for the Day” with Mr. Steere, or take on the role as “Assistant Principal for the Day” with Ms. Steadman. Or they choose the book to read and so much more as “Librarian for the Day”. If your child is an animal lover, they can spend the day with the K9 trainers and police dogs at the Seattle (ahem, Bellevue) Police Department. WOW! Or maybe your child deserves a red-hot ride to school in a fire engine with the Bellevue Fire Department. They even get to bring along a sibling or a friend and they are going to talk about that experience for the rest of their lives! Batter up! You can get seats with a view like this at a Mariner’s game. You can bid on two Diamond Club tickets – the best seats at T-Mobile Park with high end food, beverages and parking included. Full disclosure, I’ve gotta say, I’m a bit jealous – I attended this school many decades ago – it wasn’t nearly this nice and my parents never had the opportunity to bid on such unforgettable items while supporting my education. Man, your kids are so lucky to have a school like this and generous parents like you. So thank you for clicking on the online Cherry Crest auction.”