2020 Auction: FINAL 3 Hours and THANK YOU Messages from Staff!

Well, folks, we’ve made it to the final hours! The 10pm closing on bidding for our 2020 auction is just around the corner! While we still have your attention, we want to take a moment to Thank You for your support of our school this week with some friendly faces from across the community. So, grab your kiddos and please enjoy the video messages from our Principal Dusty Steere, and a heartfelt montage from our wonderful teachers and staff. 

Of course, no newsletter would be complete without links for how you can give. Your dollars will go further because of the continued support of our major sponsors Krills, Gallaghers, and Kaliber, who will match all Teacher Support donations DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and Go Chargers!

And a message from our wonderful teachers and staff:

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Auction Day 5: FINAL DAY!

Welcome to the FINAL day of the Cherry Crest 2020 Online Auction! 

Hello everyone! The finish line is in sight and this is the time to check your bids, nab your keepsakes, and give generously in these final hours of our all-new-format online auction. Bidding ends promptly at 10pm tonight! We have two special videos to share this morning: a final message from our dapper auctioneer Matt Lorch, who has stuck by our side all week with his energy and enthusiasm for our amazing school, and a message from our PTSA co-presidents Karin Hargrove and Britt Heath about why this is an important time to support our school.

Please consider raising your virtual paddle to make a cash donation directly to Teacher Support and Curriculum Enhancement projects. Breaking news of the day: due to the generosity of our major sponsors Krills, Gallaghers, and Kaliber, we are grateful and excited to be able to match all Teacher Support donations DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR – your donation will go twice as far!

And a word from our PTSA Presidents:

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Auction Day 4: Teacher Books Make for Lasting Memories!

Good evening friends! Just One. More. Day. After. Today! The final theme of our online auction is fitting as we inch closer to the finish line: keepsakes to keep Cherry Crest memories alive! A wonderful way for your child to remember their 2019-2020 year is to purchase a Teacher Book. These books are hand-selected by your child’s teacher and when you buy one, you will also get a personalized inscription dedicated to your child. Unlike the majority of items in the auction catalog where only the highest bidder wins, memories have no limit – there is a teacher book for everyoneBrowse the teacher books for your child’s grade below and for just $25 you can surprise your child with a fond token from this all-too-short school year. And if your child is a voracious reader, make sure to check out the books offered by the Principal, Assistant Principal and School Librarian in the School VIP category!

Please also consider raising your virtual paddle in our newly-added Fund A Need category to make a cash donation directly to Teacher Support and Curriculum Enhancement projects!

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Auction Day 4: Keepsake Day!

Welcome to Day 4 of the online auction! 

Today’s theme is all about bidding on items that will memorialize your child’s elementary school years and keep them remembering the special teachers and friends they made at Cherry Crest. Our tireless auctioneer Matt Lorch will give you an overview of these items, and Cherry Crest parent and Classroom Art co-chair Loni Hayhurst will tell you about the classroom art and why these art pieces are such a heartwarming tradition at the Cherry Crest Auction. Be sure to check out your grade level pages for those projects as many have photos of the students in the act of creating their masterpieces!

And while you are there, please consider raising your virtual paddle in our newly-added Fund A Need category to make a cash donation directly to Teacher Support and Curriculum Enhancement projects.

“Hi there. I’m you auctioneer Matt Lorch with your daily Cherry Crest auction update. And as we move our auction online one of the time honored Cherry Crest traditions is the classroom art projects. Several classes have created true works of art ready to be displayed in any home. Your kids are so creative, artistic and talented and they’re going to be so surprised and overjoyed when you end up being the highest bidder and their classroom art project ends up in your home. Also this is a great time to take a look at your child’s teacher book. This is incredibly personal, the book will include an inscription from your teacher – a memorable keepsake your child will hold dear beyond their elementary school years. Remember this, the auction isn’t just about bidding on amazing items, it’s also about supporting the Cherry Crest PTSA and in turn your child’s education, so while you’re on the auction website, raise your virtual paddle, make a donation – know this, it is 100% tax deductible, and you are supporting your student and other students in our community. Remember, you see the sign behind me, tomorrow was when the auction was supposed to take place, and we’re going to wrap things up tomorrow with some really exciting news so until then thank you and give me a virtual elbow bump and we will see you, online, at the Cherry Crest Auction.”

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Auction Day 3: A Message from Our Assistant Principal!

Good evening Cherry Crest Families! As we wrap up Day 3 and our theme of V.I.P. experiences, we bring you a message from one of our very own V.I.P.s: Mrs. Erin Stedman! She is excited to say hello and tell you about the Assistant Principal For a Day item up for bid (with help from a couple of very cute production assistants!). Don’t miss it!

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Auction Day 3: Very Important Person (V.I.P.) Day!

Welcome to Day 3 of the online auction! 

We had a strong first day out of the gate Tuesday, but as of today only about 20% of parents have registered at the auction site. Make sure to tell your friends and families that there is no cost to register, and when they do, they will have the opportunity to win a $50 gift card at local favorite Mercury’s Coffee!

Today’s theme is all about making you and your child feel like a V.I.P. (Very Important Person)! From special recognition at school (such as a personalized street sign, bike spot, school brick, or scrolling reader board message), to rare access to “behind the scenes” jobs, these items are without a doubt the most hotly-contested offerings each year! Our favorite host Matt Lorch will tell you more about these unique experiences, and then be sure click on the buttons below to jump directly to those items in the catalog. See you there!

“Hi I’m Matt Lorch with Q13 news and your auctioneer for the Cherry Crest online auction. We keep meeting like this because I love Cherry Crest Elementary and I know you do too. So, today’s update is all about some remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experiences available on the online auction and it’s really all about making your child feel like a V.I.P. (very important person). Maybe they “rule the school” as “Principal for the Day” with Mr. Steere, or take on the role as “Assistant Principal for the Day” with Ms. Steadman. Or they choose the book to read and so much more as “Librarian for the Day”. If your child is an animal lover, they can spend the day with the K9 trainers and police dogs at the Seattle (ahem, Bellevue) Police Department. WOW! Or maybe your child deserves a red-hot ride to school in a fire engine with the Bellevue Fire Department. They even get to bring along a sibling or a friend and they are going to talk about that experience for the rest of their lives! Batter up! You can get seats with a view like this at a Mariner’s game. You can bid on two Diamond Club tickets – the best seats at T-Mobile Park with high end food, beverages and parking included. Full disclosure, I’ve gotta say, I’m a bit jealous – I attended this school many decades ago – it wasn’t nearly this nice and my parents never had the opportunity to bid on such unforgettable items while supporting my education. Man, your kids are so lucky to have a school like this and generous parents like you. So thank you for clicking on the online Cherry Crest auction.”

Auction Day 2: Teacher Experiences!

One of the long-standing traditions of the Cherry Crest Auction has been the group experiences that are donated by our children’s teachers. Teacher experiences allow a few lucky students to enjoy a fun activity with their teacher in a small group setting. Given the abrupt ending of our school year, teacher experiences are sure to be particularly meaningful and memorable when we can finally reconvene! Click on the buttons below to be taken directly to the teacher experiences for your child’s grade in the online auction catalog and give your child the gift of more time with their 2019-2020 teacher!

Of course, don’t take our word for how special these events are! Click on the video below to hear from two Cherry Crest 4th Grade teachers about what experience they are offering and why they look forward to this event every year.

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Auction Day 2: Parties Open at Noon!

Welcome to Day 2 of the Cherry Crest Auction!
In auction news today, we highlight the fabulous Community Events category, which are open for sign-ups as of now (12pm Wednesday)! Whether it’s a themed soiree hosted in a private home or a luxury suite at a sporting event, these parties and events generously donated by your fellow Cherry Crest parents are consistently among the hottest-selling items. Most of these events have limited availability at a fixed price to the first people to sign up, so nudge the friends that you wish to join you and get your name in there now!

But wait! Before you go, please take a moment to hear a message from our trusty auctioneer Matt Lorch, who will  tell you a bit more about some of the items you can expect to see there!

“Hi there, I’m Matt Lorch, news anchor and reporter at Q13 news in Seattle and your auctioneer for the Cherry Crest online auction. As I mentioned once before, I attended this amazing school Kindergarten through sixth grade. It is such a remarkable community! And right now you can go to the online auction and sign up for some of our really exciting and fun community events that we can take part in once we can gather together once again. There are tons of parties hosted by Cherry Crest parents – a great way to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. There’s “A Taste of Persia” which will take you on a journey through Iran’s culinary landscape, a luxury suite at Emerald Downs race track, that looks like a blast. There’s a Kids Acrylic Pour Party where students make a masterpiece while parents mingle and have fun. These events opened at noon, many with limited availability. So don’t waste a moment. Clicking and reserving your spot. Many of these experiences are some of the most sought after items at the auction every year. You know, just by taking part you are supporting the Cherry Crest PTSA and your child’s education. Think about this, you’re going to have so much fun, while becoming the parent of the year. So sign up, and bid away.”

A Catalog Tip and Message from our Principal

Have you “favorited” any auction items yet? To favorite, select the heart ♥ associated with any catalog item of interest. Then to quickly see only those items, select the “My Favorites ♥” button from the search and filter menu. If you haven’t yet explored the catalog, tomorrow is a particularly important day as the Community Events category opens for bidding at noon. These are some of the most hotly-contested items each year because they are a ton of fun and in limited supply!  Now, more than ever, we are all craving social and community connection and these events will be a treat to look forward to when we are able to gather once again. So take a peek at those items now, line up any friends that you would like to join you, “♥” the ones you want, and prepare to grab your spot tomorrow at noon sharp!

But before you go, please enjoy the video welcome message from our fearless leader, Principal Dusty Steere.

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“Hello Families, my name is Dusty Steere, and I’m privileged to serve as the principal of Cherry Crest Elementary school. This year marks the 50th anniversary of our great school and with spring comes the time-honored tradition of our annual auction supporting staff and programs that allow each and every child to learn and thrive as creators of their future world. Unfortunately, given the circumstances of COVID19 we’re not able to be together for this year’s auction. In fact, schools across the state have been closed for over a month now. But even as the school house doors are closed, the incredible work of educating our children continues, with more energy and dedication than ever. I’m proud of the outstanding efforts that Cherry Crest teachers and staff are making to provide relevant and accessible learning experiences for students. And I’m particularly grateful for the sacrifice and service that you families are making to partner with us educators during these challenging times. Over the next few days, our auction chairs will present families with opportunities to bid on various items all supporting the enhancement of curriculum and educational experiences for our kids. Now more than ever, our collaborative partnership with Cherry Crest PTSA is needed to help our school and educators innovate at levels never seen before. And I want to thank you in advance for your generous participation in this online auction as part of the great cherry crest community. Thank you!”

Online Auction Kicks Off Today

This is the day we’ve been waiting for!

The auction is OPEN for business! If you haven’t yet registered, don’t waste another second! Sign up (it’s free and you’ll still be entered into a drawing for a $50 Mercurys Coffee gift card!), browse the amazing items on offer in the online catalog, and start your bidding! Well, actually, before doing that, we encourage you to take a moment to meet our energetic auctioneer, Matt Lorch – local news anchor and longtime friend of Cherry Crest – in his welcome message below.

You will hear from Matt each day this week, as he directs your attention towards a particular category of item up for auction. Another reason to look forward to each day’s Auction Newsletter is that we will also be sharing personal messages with you from beloved members of the Cherry Crest community. Make sure to grab your kids when you watch these videos as they are sure to enjoy seeing and hearing from these familiar and dearly-missed faces and voices that make Cherry Crest such a special place to go to school. 

We look forward to keeping you up to date throughout the week!

Your 2020 Auction Chairs,
Ksenia, Greg, and Amy

“Hi there, I’m Matt Lorch, news anchor and reporter at Q13 News in Seattle and I am so incredibly honored to be your auctioneer for the Cherry Crest online auction. I know, we all wanted to be dressed up like this gathering in a big ballroom in downtown Bellevue. Unfortunately because of the outbreak and the stay home order we are not allowed to gather right now so we are moving this auction online. I think as we all have paused and taken a moment we also realize at this time when we are trying to teach our kids at home along with the help of our teachers how amazing and dedicated our teachers are here at Cherry Crest. This is a remarkable school and I know how amazing it is because I attended Cherry Crest -kindergarten through 6th grade. That’s me around 1980. Okay, any chance you recognize that kid next to me? That is Greg Richards, who was one of my closest friends. Now he’s a Cherry Crest parent. We still talk about it to this day. Our best memories growing up were made at Cherry Crest. And it gave us a foundation for success. What made it so special was the support of the community and the parents. Here’s your chance to be those parents. Click on the link provided, take part in our online auction, raise your paddle from home and sign up for some remarkable community experiences that will bring us together when we are able to get back together. Also throughout this week you’re going to hear from beloved members or the Cherry Crest community and I’m going to join you every day with updates about the online auction. It will close Saturday night, but don’t wait. Now’s the time to get in on the fun and support our kids and their remarkable educational experience here at Cherry Crest. So I’ll be seeing you in the days to come. In the meantime, thank you for supporting the Cherry Crest PTSA.”